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jsPsych CoffeeScript go/no-go example

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This is an updated example of the integration between [PsiTurk]( and [jsPsych]( It is a rewrite of the example code given in the [jsPsych tutorial]( using Literate [CoffeeScript]( It uses some code used in [jodeleeuw]('s [experiment example]( (also available [on GitHub]( It also demos post-trial data computation and collection from jsPsych to PsiTurk.

What is this?
psiTurk is a open platform for science using Mechanical Turk. psiTurk includes an Experiment Exchange where researchers can share code for their experiments (think of it as an "app store" for crowd-sourced experiments). This is the home page for one such experiment.

How do I run this experiment?

This psiTurk experiment can be installed easily on any system that has the psiturk command line tool. More information on installing this tool is here.

$ psiturk-install NiyHgcEBwwH7uQebC2oWPN